imageShe is born in the Seventies in Rome, from Italian father and Athenian mother. She has lived ’till she was 6 years old in West and East Africa. She had since then an accountable reason of creative life besides her mother who noticed in her three years old daughter a sharp sense of drawing cotonplant flowers!

She traveled with the family ever and ever through out of most African countries from Uganda to Zambia and Tanzania up to Senegal. She had contact with the African children playing together and dancing together. She acquired free will perceptions of naturalistic life expressed in forms of designs and paintings. In the childish eyes full of colours from Africa.

She’s fond of photography, too. She exposed in two shows of “Portrait”.

in art: SaFo

I am an abstract painter! I love Colours and round shapes! I am a joyful woman! The smile opens the door of the Soul. Even as a child I had a strong imagination and fantasy.

Every colour either bright or pale, pulses in me energy and joy! Serenity and peace too. I should say Perfection. Whose extention is a pure happiness. Beeing an Esthete, my “Mission” is to represent the Beauty and the Harmony in ourselves and all-around of us!

I start to exist as a portrait painter in pencil. But the true passion arrives when in expressing my inner fantasy placed in oil or mixted up tecniques on canvas overflew my dimension. The Gold, symbol of royalty, dominates my canvases. High points of my tables are the versatility of their position such as the most they are preferred to.

Joy, Beauty, Harmony and Vital Energy in colours is the Value and the Substence and the essence of my paintings.

A canvas-table is forever! Its beauty too!