imageSabrina Fossati creates, from simple “Nothing,” the balance of the elements of Nature and Cosmos, Micro and Macro, inside us and outside us, carried out by perceptions of life with the outmost sublime feelings. So giving Harmony, Joy, Motion , Light, Energy, Eternity in colours, and last but predominant in her works, the Circularity. Defined as Mother, Water, Soft, perceivable Infinity. Encompassing-friendly the Whole Form with Gold, unifying element, the symbol of royalty. Spirituality and Supremacy, conveying in to a journey of continuing expansion of color. Just what we are and how we entrust light or movement. With not losing the nuance of color when marked. Important moment made ​​in conjunction with the canvas.

Welcome to the realm of colors! I invite you to let yourself be enveloped by this energy, to affect you … Beauty and harmony must reign in our lives!